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Have you ever wondered where to get the same racing fuel & oil products the WINSTON CUP & NHRA drivers use? We at G&G Oil Co. Of Indiana, Inc. Have the answer for you, by handling all of your racing product needs.


Competition 100

Competition 100 (unleaded) is designed for high performance street cars, race cars, watercraft, motorcycles, etc. In fact, engines with compression ratios as high as 14:1 will benefit greatly from this clean-burning fuel.

Competition 110

Competition 110 (leaded) is formulated for racing engines with compression ratios as high as 16:1. It has an additive package to keep carburetors clean and controls surface ignition for maximum performance.

Superstock 114

Superstock 114 (leaded) is formulated for high compression big-block and small-block racing engines. It’s designed for normally aspirated, supercharged or turbocharged racing engines.

Prostock 118

Prostock 118 (leaded) is designed for supercharged and turbocharged racing engines, pro stock racing engines with compression ratios exceeding 16:1 and pro stock motorcycle engines with compression ratios exceeding 17.5:1.

76 Racing 40wt.

76 Racing 50wt.

76 Racing 20w50

76 Racing Gear Oils

G&G Oil Co. Of Indiana, Inc.

G&G Racing Grade Methanol

G&G Racing Grade Methanol is a highly pure methyl alcohol (99.6%). To maintain this level of purity it is stored in a specially prepared tank and isolated from all other products to assure a totally contaminant free fuel. Prior to packaging, G&G Racing Grade Methanol is filtered to remove any possible contaminants.

G&G Choice

The Choice has been developed with all the advantages of our Racing Grade Methanol, however methyl alcohol is highly corrosive to many parts of the fuel system in its pure form. This corrosiveness will also dry out gaskets and O-rings it comes in contact with. To aid against this effect, G&G Choice is inhibited with a special combination of additives to gaurd against methyl alcohols corrosive nature.

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